220px-Dawn Flight Configuration 2

A picture of Vesta,Dawn,and Ceres ( from left to right )

Ceres is the largest asteroid in the whole entire solar sytem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is 949.9 km in size. It was one of the first dwarf planets. it is about 2 AU of the Sun most of the time. It is also the smallest of the main dwarf planets which consist of ( in size order ) Ceres,sometimes Charon,Haumea,Makemake,Pluto,and Eris. Dawn will tell us more when it reaches Ceres in mid-to-late February 2015.


A size comparison of Hygeia,Ceres,Enceladus,Mercury,the Pluto/Charon System,and the Moon


A size comparison of Gaspra,Eros,Ida,Vesta,Ceres, and Mars